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Received a letter from us?

Have you received a letter from Intrum and are wondering what to do next? Here you will find more information on how to proceed.
Pay fast and easy

I want to pay

Log in to the portal to pay. In the portal you will also find all the information you need regarding your invoices.

Set up a payment plan or postpone a payment

I can't pay right now

If you have difficulties paying the debt collection invoice now, there are several possibilities. In most cases we may agree to postpone the due date on the invoice or a agree on a payment plan. You can log in to the portal to apply for a repayment agreement. You can also contact us so that we can look at a solution together or change the due date of your case. 

Contact us

I have received a letter for an invoice that I have already paid

I have already paid

Follow these steps if you have received a debt collection demand for an invoice you have already paid.

  1. Check once again if case is paid: Log in to portal and check the status on your case. It can take up to 1-4 working days until payment is registered.
  2. Send a receipt of the payment: We need a receipt of the payment if you have paid directly to the creditor. You can register the receipt in the portal.
  3. Make sure you have paid all the required costs: If you have paid after due date it is possible that debt collection has started. In that case you would also need to cover debt collection demand costs.

Get an overview

I have a lot of debt

The most important thing you do is to get an overview over your total debts. You see an overview in the portal. In the portal you can also: 

  • Check status
  • Apply for a payment plan
  • Receive a debt clarification  

You can also contacts us to find out more about different solutions to pay out your debts. We can also check out the possibilities to set up a payment plan.

Contact us

I have a loan from a municipality or employer

If Intrum manages your loan from the municipality or employer, you will get all information related to the loan through us. You have access to a separate portal. In the portal you will:

  • Get information about your loan
  • Make changes
  • Contact Intrum loan administration